In nearly two decades working as a white woman in North Minneapolis, I’ve experienced success and failure—and learned from both.

By ‘standing in the gap’ of America’s fractured racial past that lives on as disparities in employment, education, and health, I’ve gained insight into the system (policies, programs) and person (culture, relationship) barriers. I completed a Masters in Public Affairs at the Humphrey School with a focus on person-centered, racially equitable organizational development. I’m continually learning from new experiences to develop methods and tools that have real-world applications that answer these and other questions:

  • How can leaders in systems be engaged to have whole-hearted connection to the impact of both historical and present racism in ways that create space for everyone to show up as in their fullness?
  • How can human resources in social services and schools be better equipped to hire, support and promote staff of color into positions of power in organizations?
  • How can systems better engage people to improve how services are delivered?
  • How can we identify the talents and strengths in our teams so that the whole can truly be greater than the sum of the parts?


Minneapolis, MN

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