Transform organizations and systems with people at the center.

I believe.

There are powerful forces working for change at the intersection of race and poverty.
But despite some chipping away at the edges, there is still a bedrock of barriers in America that can leave communities of color behind.
Disparities of opportunity, income, education, health and more. Real change can feel impossible.

I also believe.

If we look at challenges with compassionate curiosity, we can see opportunities where we once saw deficits.
If we intentionally engage and focus our efforts on people, we can create responsive, innovative systems that can help transform instead of getting in the way.
If we seek new awareness, and work with strong determination to shift each moment with that awareness, we can change our practices together. And if we see this progress together, a collaborative, inclusive culture will take root. And new solutions will emerge.

People Centered Strategist

I am a strategist who focuses first on people. I bring two decades of experience leading community-engaged systems-change where race and poverty intersect. I believe our systems hold the power and resources necessary to spark change in marginalized neighborhoods, if we can unlock potential by developing services through the eyes of the people most impacted.

As co-founder and former COO of the Northside Achievement Zone, I learned how systemic racism shows up as day-to-day practices in organizations, schools, systems…and in myself. With an MPA from the University of Minnesota Humphrey School, I practice human centered design and organizational development methods. I’ve seen people lean into each other with a strong determination to create a new way. I developed a perspective about how we can change systems that is centered around these experiences.

Minneapolis, MN

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