Transform organizations and systems with people at the center.

I believe.

There are powerful forces working for change at the intersection of race and poverty.


But despite some chipping away at the edges, there is still a bedrock of barriers in America that can leave communities of color behind.


Disparities of opportunity, income, education, health and more. Real change can feel impossible.

I also believe.

If we look at challenges with compassionate curiosity, we can see opportunities where we once saw deficits.


If we intentionally engage and focus our efforts on people, we can create responsive, innovative systems that can help transform instead of getting in the way.


If we seek new awareness, and work with strong determination to shift each moment with that awareness, we can change our practices together. And if we see this progress together, a collaborative, inclusive culture will take root. And new solutions will emerge.

Transform practices in the social sector
so systems become authentic drivers of racial equity.

Michelle has a gift. She is able to chart a course for the future while standing solidly in the present. This unique capacity allows her to be transformative, an agent for change and build systems that are sustainable and life giving to organizations and individuals.
Rev. Dr. Alika P. Galloway, 21st Century Academy, CEO

Minneapolis, MN

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